Piezo Controller

Vibrator is the driver that moves the part in feeder bowl. There’s two type of vibrator which is Piezo and coil type. Both type of vibrator have its advantages. Normally the vibrator speed is control by one digital controller which can select the frequency and voltage. Power supply will be at range 110V to 220V.The sizing of vibrator can vary from sizing 150mm till 460mm diameter. For in line feeder, the function is same as vibrator but it only drive the parts in forward movement. It also come with various sizing which bigger size can support for longer of feeding track.

Bowl Module

  • Bowl material: SUS304 /SUS316
  • Internal Finishing: PU coating(Blue)
  • External Finishing: Hairline polishing
  • Vibrator : Coil type vibrator with controller(220v,50-60Hz)

In-Line Feeder Module

  • Feeder type: Coil type feeder with controller(220v,50-60Hz)
  • Length of track: 400mm
  • Tracking spec: Customize design with overflow sensor
  • Z axis adjustable height
  • Alu 6061 base plate with anodize finishing

Mini Size Bowl Module

  • Our mini size bowl is from diameter 150mm to 190mm.Built up by material either SUS304 or SUS 316.


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